A celebration for the music style that represents the charm and grace of Rio de Janeiro, the Bossa Nova!



During the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, the Brazilian singer Maria Joana, daughter of Brazilian Jazz pianist Aloisio Aguiar, joined other musicians, percussionists, and Brazilian dancers to celebrate 50 years of Bossa Nova and promote Brazilian music in China. 

They performed at the Brazil House for Brazilian Olympic Committee events to leaders, politicians, and institutions from all over the world, promoting Brazilian music and presenting all its different styles, from Bossa Nova to Samba, MPB, and several Brazilian rhythms. 

Back in Brazil, Maria Joana decided to launch a new project inspired on her experience in China and started the Bossa In’ Nova project. They've performed for different audiences and at several venues, including social and corporate events and a memorable concert at the iconic Copacabana Palace, Rio de Janeiro. 

In 2012 the singer joined her brother, the keyboard player and music producer Donatinho, who is also son of João Donato, one of the most important names of Bossa Nova movement. As one of the best music producers of his generation, Donatinho brought a new language to the project, introducing electronic resources to interpretations of hits from the 80s and 90s, and the Bossa Nova classics, always highlighting the organic sound of the instruments, rhythms, and references of lounge music. Bossa In' Nova's  last performance in Brazil was a celebration for 60 years of Bossa Nova at the legendary Little Club, the birthplace of Bossa Nova movement, at Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro.

Maria Joana moved recently to Los Angeles and after connecting with some great brazilian musicians from the scene she decided to record and relaunch the project, now known as Blue Bossa. With Mika Mutti, on keyboard, Leo Nobre on bass and Rodrigo Galvão on drums, the project now brings the freshness of Brazilian Jazz without loosing the old school Bossa Nova's vibe.

Blue Bossa

Maria Joana


Mika Mutti


Mika Mutti is a musician/producer/composer from Brazil with an active international career, playing and recording with significant artists around the world. These artist include Sérgio Mendes, Scorpions, Jaimie Foxx, Ana Carolina, Seu Jorge, Carlos Santana, Carlinhos Brown, Will.I.Am, and John Legend among others. 

  In 2011 Mikael wrote, recorded, and co-produced songs for the animated film "Rio". Of these, a song co-written with Sergio Mendes and Carlinhos Brown was Oscar nominated in 2012 for Best Original Song. 

Mika Mutti was co-producer, composer, musician and arranger of the Grammy nominated Sergio Mendes' album "Magic" in 2015. 

Living in Los Angeles since 2017, Mika Mutti is now composing and co-producing for the forthcoming Sergio Mendes' album, to be released in 2019.

Leo Nobre


Born in Rio de Janeiro, Nobre studied music at University of Miami School of Music with a focus on jazz and upright classical bass, with Dr. Lucas Drew. The previous experiences with exponent musicians in his home country, along with the knowhow acquired in Florida, opened many doors to the young talented bass player, allowing him to kick off his career and play with some big names as Herbie Hancock, Stevie Wonder, Dori Caymmi, Airto Moreira, Jill Scott, Sergio Mendes, Hubert Laws, Black Eyed Peas, and many others. 

Nobre produced Nobresil CD "Original" along with his wife and singer Mari Nobre, that was awarded as the World Music CD of The Year, by the prestigious Jazz Education Network (J.E.N) in 2014. He won the Latin Grammy as a music engineer in the following year.

Throughout these years, Leo has performed in several worldwide jazz festivals, participated in many fundraisers and volunteer festivals. His solid career is endorsed by Modulus Guitars, Aguilar Amplification, and DR Strings.

Rodrigo Galvão


Born in Brasilia, this sensitive drummer and percussionist has his strong roots in a tradicional family of musicians in is hometown. He started his music studies in London, 1984. Back in Brazil, he attended the Brasilia Music of School and, a few years later, joined the Brasilia Popular Orchestra. Singers as Cassia Eller and Rosa Passos figure in his career's birth. The song 'Águas do Cerrado', original composition, won the Renato Russo Awardin 1993, and it is considered the hymn for many 'Brasilienses' of his generation.

In 2004, living in Sydney – Australia, he formed his first band overseas 'Samba Mundi'. The band featured in several jazz festivals throughout the country as Manly, Latin Sounds and Darling Harbour Jazz Festivals, and throughout Asia, performing at Shanghai Jazz Festival in China, and Aichi World Expo, Japan.

Galvao, moved to Cape Town – South Africa, where he was posted as local producer for the Brazilian Ministry of Culture during Fifa World Cup 2010, and started recording his original jingles and singles compositions. The remarkable musician's career receives the endorsement of Tantum Cajóns.

Daughter of Brazilian Jazz pianist Aloisio Aguiar, Maria Joana was born in Los Angeles and grew up surrounded by endless " jam sessions ". The soundtrack of her childhood would go from Herbie Hancock to João Gilberto, which developed her musicality. 

Raised in Brazil, she started her career as a backing vocal of Medusa’s Dreads, a reggae band of big relevance in Rio's musical scene on the 90's. With the end of the group and the rise of electronic music, she began performing with the most important DJ’s of the electronic scene in Rio and started the Lounge Music project Botanic, with DJ Bruno LT and percussionist Negalê Jones. 

Together with her brother and music producer Donatinho, Maria Joana developed and performed with the project BRAZA on a residency at club 00.

Maria Joana went to China to sing and promote Brazilian Music during the Olympic Games and started the Bossa In' Nova project with her brother when got back to Brazil. They’ve performed in several events and 10 years later on the Olympic Games in Brazil. The last performance before she moved to LA was at the iconic Little Clue, the birth place of Bossa Nova, celebrating the 60 years of Bossa Nova.



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